Tourist Places To Visit In Amarnath

Tourist Places To Visit In Amarnath

Tourist Places To Visit In Amarnath

A journey of faith is required to reach the sacred cave of Amarnath over the treacherous terrain of the south Kashmir Himalayas. The hike is amazing and physically taxing, but it is well worth it when you arrive in the cave and see the magnificent Shivaling standing in front of you. The cave, the legend behind the shrine, the stunning landscape, the snow-covered mountain peaks and the long trek is an experience of a lifetime. Visited by hundreds and thousands of pilgrims every year, Amarnath Yatra is a coveted journey for many. We will take you through the major tourist attractions in and around Amarnath.

Amarnath Cave

The Cave, where an ice-stalagmite lingam of Amarnath or Shiva is annually formed, is unquestionably Amarnath's main draw. According to legend, a pair of mating pigeons overheard Lord Shiva telling Goddess Parvati in the Amarnathji Cave the mystery of creation. After discovering this secret, they repeatedly died and were reincarnated, making the cave their heavenly and forever home. Only during the months of July and August, which also fall within the blessed Hindu month of Sharavana, is it possible to enter the cave and see the ice lingam.The Amarnath Yatra or the journey to Amarnath draws thousands of pilgrims every year who brave all odds to pay homage to Lord Shiva.

Baltal Valley

Baltal Valley is a charming area close to Sonmarg that is situated on the banks of the River Sindh and at the base of the challenging Himalayan mountain pass Zoji La. Baltal has grown in prominence over the years in addition to its gorgeous landscapes since it is one of the primary starting points for the Amarnath Yatra. From here, it is a 15-kilometer hike for pilgrims to reach Amarnath's sacred site. By foot, there is a different and quicker way to get to the cave.

Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag, which is in the Kashmiri district of Anantanag, is a stopover on the way to the Amarnath Cave. Trekking from Pahalgam, pilgrims must pass through Sheshnag and spend the night there. The Shesnag Lake, which is only reachable by foot, is stunningly situated amidst the towering mountains and untamed terrain. Legend has it that while teaching Goddess Parvati the principles of creation, Lord Shiva left his snake (Sheshnag) here. It is thought that Sheshnag still remains in this lake.

Zoji La Pass

Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley are connected via the Zoji La pass in the Sonmarg region, where Baltal Valley is situated. It is located between Leh and Srinagar on National Highway 1. If you do have the chance to drive through this high-altitude pass during the winter, you will have to travel between massive walls of ice on both sides. The pass is always closed throughout the winter. Visitors are treated to breathtaking views from Zoji La.


Pahalgam, a popular tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir, is situated in the Anantnag district. It is a breathtakingly gorgeous location with vast expanses of lush green meadows, crystal clear water basins, and high mountain ranges surrounding it. As most journeys to the sacred cave start from Pahalgam, it is one of the focal locations of the Amarnath Yatra. By bus or cab, vacationers can get to Pahalgam from Srinagar and Jammu. They make the ascent to Amarnath from here. The 45 mile journey takes roughly 3–4 days, with overnight stops made at several locations. People can also get to Amarnath from here using helicopter services.

Best Time to Visit Amarnath

Amarnath during Monsoon - From July to September

However, this is the only time of the year when the holy pilgrimage is possible. Thus, these months are the best time to plan your Amarnath Yatra.