Best places to visit in Varanasi

Best places to visit in Varanasi

Best places to visit in Varanasi

Are you seeking spiritual awakening or are you visiting one of India's most revered locations? Varanasi will then wow you with a vibrant and spiritual experience. This location offers a variety of activities, and the alluring beauty just enhances your journey to make it delightful. It is regarded as one of the holiest places in the world and is frequently visited by Hindus and tourists from other countries. This location is well-known for its distinctive Ghats, temples, and music. So prepare for a fantastic vacation by packing your things.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

One of the 12 Jyotirlingas, it is located on the western bank of the holy Ganga and is mentioned in the sacred texts. This temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva and is the fifth-richest temple in India, has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt throughout history. The temple is also home to the renowned Gyan Vapi well, which is thought to contain water purer than the Ganges. In order to make your trip to Varanasi worthwhile, be sure to include this location on your agenda.

Batuk Bhairav Mandir

This temple, which is a centre of worship for both Aghoris and Tantriks, is devoted to Batuk Bhairav, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. The "Akhand Deep," a lamp that has supposedly been blazing for centuries, is the temple's unexpected feature. This lamp's oil is reputed to have healing properties. One of the best sites to visit in Varanasi if you're looking for the most spiritual experience is this location, which has great religious significance.

Manikarnika Ghat

This Ghat, one of the most important tourist attractions in Varanasi, is a very revered riverside regarded as the entrance to the afterlife. It is regarded as one of the most fortunate locations to be cremated. The fact that nothing is regarded as sacrilegious in this ghat is another outstanding feature. After the evening aarti, watching the tourists float flower bowls lit by candles on the river is unquestionably a beautiful sight. Manikarnika is therefore one of the greatest options if you wish to explore one of Varanasi's best Ghats.

Shivala Ghat

Looking for a location that will educate you about the past, show you some stunning architecture, and provide you with a spiritual experience? Then, this Ghat is among the top destinations in Varanasi to see. The temple's exquisite architecture and outstanding craftsmanship are both exceptional and lovely works of art. The Shiva temple, built here in the 19th century by a Nepalese King, is one of the main draws.


In this location, Gautam Buddha gave his first Dharma lectures and Kondana's enlightenment led to the founding of the Buddhist Sangha. One of the well-known Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India is situated here, northeast of Varanasi. This location is for those looking for privacy and offers spectacular views. The Ashoka Pillar, Mulangandha Kuti Vihar, the Archaeological Museum, as well as Chinese and Thai temples and monasteries, are among the nearby attractions.

St Mary’s Church

This 200-year-old church is a work of beauty in terms of architecture and the oldest garrison in Asia's southern regions. The church was a place of worship for the European and British communities when it was built in 1810 by Reverend George Wheatly. It is a stunning and historically significant structure in Varanasi that you should see.

Ramnagar Fort and Museum

A wonderful historical structure located across from Tulsi Ghat on the Ganges River's eastern bank. It was constructed in 1750 by Raja Balwant Singh in the Mughal architectural style. Additionally, it contains a museum that is well-known for its collection of vintage American cars, mediaeval attire, ivory art, and an astronomical clock. Therefore, remember to include this location on your list of sites to see near Varanasi.

Best Time to Visit Varanasi

Wintertime is the ideal season to visit Varanasi (November to February). Winter is the greatest time to visit the holy city since you can walk around without getting too cold, despite the fact that it can get rather chilly. 5°C is the typical low temperature.